Vittorio Nardone

Agile oriented AWS Certified Solutions Architect with 18+ years of experience in application design and development lead.

About me


My experience as developer first and software architect later, covers design, development governance and project management of highly customized SaaS, delivered to domestic Law Enforcement Agencies.


Help companies in digital transformation process: modernize software products, migrate on-premises solution to cloud, get advances integrating AI/ML in workload.

Team Builder

I led two international development teams of 20+ software engineers located in Italy and Slovakia during development of company solutions. In the role of development team leader, I built a friendly, efficient and close-knit group.

Company Growing

Work hard, learn daily. Always with optimism and rationality. I'm proud of my contribute on company growing in terms of revenue, cost savings and market leading, as result of successfully delivered projects.


2022 - PRESENT
Docebo (nasdaq: DCBO)

Software Development Manager

Docebo Learning Analytics software development manager.

Connect your learning data to business results

  • Continuous Product improvement
  • Manage new product innovations and capture vision from stakeholders
  • Build and re-prioritize the work and story backlog of the team when organizational priorities change to ensure maximum value delivery
2023 - PRESENT

Startup Founder

Founder of, a solid, scalable and multi-regional feature toggles management platform. allows developers to switch features, or portions of features, on or off with a simple feature toggle in the codebase. By using feature toggle, developers can deploy software to production without having to deploy the complete feature at once. allows managing custom or additional features, enabling/disabling them for a particular license or audience such as a group of tenants, users or any other custom context property through the use of an API.

2021 - 2023

Startup Founder

  • Founded in 2021, DailyPitch is a startup in digital video production market.
  • AI powered data-driven video production SaaS.
  • AWS cloud scalable architecture.


2020 - 2022
Kalpa S.r.L.

Cloud & Web - Team Leader

  • Design of SaaS applications for customers in the IoT sector.
  • Led the development team of software engineers
  • Promoted Agile transformation.
  • Strongly collaborated with customers to collect and define software requirements.
2016 - 2019
SIO S.p.A.

Agile Product Owner

  • Managed adoption of AI/ML to help LEA operators during daily investigation activities.
  • Reinvented UI/UX of SIO Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility platform, working side by side with UI/UX specialists and customers to simplify daily investigation activities.
  • Developed a ML PoC able to real-time predict target destination and to report anomalies (based on target habits and GPS localization).
  • Promoted Agile transformation in software development and CI/CD.
  • Strongly collaborated with the team of 20+ software engineers during development of the new UI/UX.
  • First MVP release of the simplified management GUI was ongoing to drastically reduce help desk tickets.
2010 - 2016
SIO S.p.A.

Software Architect & Development Lead

  • Managed evolution of SIO Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility platform to introduce active and passive IP interceptions, GPS localizations and OSINT data sources.
  • Managed the redesign of data model to be able to collect, analyze and correlate new entities.
  • Led the international development team of 20+ software engineers located in Italy and Slovakia during development of the new data analytics platform and data migration tool.
  • Selected the best of breed and managed the integration with 3rd party active IP interception solutions (zero day exploit based), OSINT and Social Network spiders.
  • Led the development of a ETSI-LI compliant data acquisition backend to meet European customer requirements.
  • SIO became the first company to provide a unified and target centric SaaS to LEA, able to integrate Video, TLC, IP, GPS and OSINT investigations, generating €20M+ annual revenue.
2007 - 2010
SIO S.p.A.

Software Architect & Development Lead

  • Selected the best of breed and managed the integration of a 3rd party NVR solution in SIO Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility platform.
  • Led the international development team of 10 software engineers located in Italy and Slovakia and promoted collaboration between developmentteam, NVR and video specialists, network and storage engineers.
  • SIO became first company to provide centralization of video recording activities in LEA building, according to law requirements.
  • Led the development of a private geographic wireless network to cover 80% of customers area and got significative reduction of video transmission costs.
  • Got significative reduction of time required to activate video surveillance based investigation: 1 month to 1 day.
  • From the ground up to 300 Full-HD simultaneous active video services (>10TB daily), generating €10M+ annual revenue.
2006 - 2008
SIO S.p.A.

Software Architect & Development Lead

  • Designed a GSM based conference system, used by Police during field operations and under-cover tails.
  • Deployed on-promise in SIO datacenter to provide SaaS to multiple customers, up to 120 GSM communications and 30 field operations simultaneously.
  • Led development of Android & Windows front-end applications and conference back-end services.
  • Led control software integration with 3rd party multi-channel GSM gateways and PTT headsets.
  • Communication cost reduced by 100% using GSM in place of landline.
  • 100% replacement of old customer radio systems, due to improvement in audio quality e signal coverage.
2002 - 2007
SIO S.p.A.

Software Architect & Development Lead

  • Designed the first client-server Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility software.
  • Developed in a micro-services oriented and distributed architecture.
  • Led development team of 7 software engineers, 2 HW specialists and 2 Oracle DBAs.
  • Originally born to support 8 simultaneous lawful phone interceptions, successfully scaled up to 120 targets with no software changes.
  • On-premise deployment to 20 LEA and 400 remote offices, counting 2000 simultaneous clients.
  • € 1M/year company saving replacing previous 3rd party solution with in-house one.
2001 - 2002
SIO S.p.A.

Software Developer

  • Designed the first rugged-laptop based high quality audio recorder to support LEA during Police field operations.
  • Developed audio recording software to meet LEA requirements.
  • Improved integration with SIO eavesdropping devices working side by side with firmware engineers.
  • Improved customer satisfaction reducing by 50% time required to produce evidence media.
  • 100% replacement of old customer recording systems.


Amazon AWS

AWS Solutions Architect Certification

  • Exam (SAA-C01) score: 987/1000

Computer Vision Nanodegree

  • Facial Keypoint Detection: use image processing techniques and deep learning techniques to detect faces in an image and find facial keypoints, such as the position of the eyes, nose, and mouth on a face.
  • Automatic Image Captioning: combine CNN and RNN knowledge to build a deep learning model that produces captions given an input image.
  • Landmark Detection and Tracking: use feature detection and keypoint descriptors to build a map of the environment with SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping).

TOGAF Foundation Enterprise Training

  • The basic and core skills of the TOGAF framework
  • The Architecture Development Method (ADM), all of the phases, and the key information to know
  • Architecture Governance, Architecture Capacity, Enterprise Continuum, Capability Assessment and reference frameworks such as TRM and III-RM

AI Programming with Python Nanodegree

This program focuses on the fundamental building blocks i need to learn in order to become an AI practitioner. Specifically, i learn programming skills, and essential math for building an AI architecture. I dived into neural networks and deep learning.

ITIS Magistri Cumacini

Secondary School Diploma - Information Technology

Personal Projects


Disposable email service:

  • API to help developers to automate email tasks like website or service registration process.
  • Email receipt & workflow tests platform. 
  • Free webmail any time you need a disposable email address. Avoid spam and stay safe.
  • Available in RapidAPI Marketplace.
  • Slack integration


Santa Tree

The first social Christmas Tree, a funny IoT project with PI3 & Arduino:

  • Website to live change colors of our garden tree, covered by 2000 APA102 LEDs.
  • Live Website video streaming and e-postcard greetings.
  • Raised donations for cancer research.
  • Reported by local newspapers.