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Add to Slack – Monetize Your API

7 min API monetization is a growing trend. It is now a consolidated business of digital companies to grant access, for a fee, to the APIs providing company data or to some services using different distribution channels. A possible channel for spreading your APIs and services is integration with existing and well-known platforms, such as Slack. If […]

Chromium & Selenium

Chromium and Selenium in AWS Lambda

4 min Let’s see how it is possible to use Chromium and Selenium in an AWS Lambda function; first, some information for those unfamiliar with these two projects. 2020.09 update Please check¬†project repository¬†for a new version of this project. Chromium ver. 86.0.4240.0 and Selenium ver. 3.14. Chromium is the open source browser from which Google Chrome derives. […]

AWS Lambda in Docker

AWS Lambda offline development with Docker

3 min I work on projects that are increasingly oriented towards the serverless paradigm and increasingly implemented on AWS Lambda platform. Being able to offline develop an AWS Lambda function, comfortably in your favorite IDE, without having to upload the code to be able to test it, allows significantly speed up of activities and increased efficiency. AWS […]