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Digital transformation – My first Blog post

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I'll be honest: I start this blog because I would like to share a path. I turned my passion for technology and coding into a profession, working for a company that grew a lot, very fast. As a developer first and software architect later, I have often been faced with new challenges and changes; I had to quickly adapt my knowledge and my know-how. In a way, I have already experienced the period of the "digital transformation" when it was simply a question of "computerization".

The path I want to share today leads me to get excited about topics such as Cloud Computing, AI, Machine Learning and Computer Vision. Topics for which continuous training is essential and with which I like to get my hands dirty to create and share know-how.

My mission is precisely to be able, with the acquired know-how, to identify the technology, the architectural design or the cloud provider that best suits the specific needs during the process of digital transformation or renewal of a solution.

My ambitious goal is to write an article a week. Depending on the topic, the posts will be in English or in Italian. I prefer to create short "hands-on" sessions on solutions or technologies, alternating them with equally short white papers and guides. Short because focused on a specific topic.

If you are interested in contributing to this blog, contact me. I will be very pleased.  

Ok! I would say it's time to start.

About me

My name is Vittorio Nardone. I'm 44 years old only and I've been involved in designing and implementing software solutions for the last 18 years of my life. Solutions dedicated mainly to Police Departments.

I have two beautiful sons aged 4 and 8 and - soon - a wife who always supports me, in everything I do. Although sometimes it seems to make no sense. Like when I decided to buy a Harley Davidson.

My professional experiences are here.